Delta threw in yet another delay, but before that Dr. French and I agreed to not take any risks and rebook for flights tomorrow.  This leaves a longer planned layover in Atlanta (to the tune of 7 hours) so there shouldn’t be any trouble making the connection.  I’ll be on the same 2 flights for the next legs, just a day later, so I’ll miss out on empanadas with Dr. Lederer.  So for now I’m stuck in Bloomington.  Assuming all goes well, I still won’t miss the first night of our observing.  I just won’t be there to look over the shoulder of the previous observer…

At least our decision to reschedule means I have an overnight here in my room rather than somewhere in Atlanta!  I checked on the flights and as it turns out the second flight took off an hour and a half before the first one landed so we played our cards right.

Tomorrow: round 2.