I ended up sitting next to a lady named Pat on the plane and we talked for the entire flight. She had a ton of stories about how she used to work for a lawyer and was a travel agent and a business consultant, which took her to Costa Rica, Australia, Italy, and a ton of other places. She had lots of questions about where I’d be and what specifically we would be looking at. She had been in Bloomington visiting friends and is headed home to Houston.  She told me she was really proud of me for being active and having these experiences and not wasting my college years.  I laughed a little but she said she was honestly really proud of me.

Now I’m sitting in Atlanta’s airport. I heard my fair share of horror stories but it’s not that bad. I only had to wait about a minute for the train to come and it was a riot.  It started and stopped very abruptly so I saw a good amount of people falling over left and right. It reminded me of the Metro in Rome.  I’ve just grabbed lunch at Marche Bistro near gate T7: brown rice, chicken, and pasta.  Now it’s 4:17 and I have just under 6 hours to kill… maybe I’ll take the train and explore some of the other terminals.