Well, the flight from Atlanta to Santiago was a bit of an uncommon experience for me… The plane had probably 200 seats but there were only about 40 people on board. So the flight attendants let us all spread out so we had rows to ourselves to sprawl out and sleep. I slept on and off for 6 hours after watching most of some Pierce Brosnan movie. I woke up around 6:30 when breakfast was being served and after a little more time, we had landed.

Getting through the various checks in Santiago de Chile was no problem and when I got to the gate, a friendly guy came up to me and asked if I was headed to an observatory. I found out he worked at Cerro Tololo and told him about my delay and before I knew it, he made a couple phone calls and now it looks like I’ll be headed up the mountain in about 15 minutes, rather than tomorrow afternoon! Turns out he was Kadur, who Dr. French had spoken very highly of to me.

I also chatted with a woman who I found out works for the Andacollo Mine in Chile as an engineer, so we chatted for a little while as well.

A funny thing happened while we waited to board… actually it’s not really funny at all… my stomach started to cramp up pretty badly and I didn’t feel so good.  We boarded the plane and the feeling just got worse… as I sat in my seat, leaning forward a little bit helped, but sitting straight up was really painful.  I started to feel really clammy and wondered if I had accidentally drank any untreated water, but couldn’t think when I would have.  I drank a little water and waited it out.  I felt nauseous but I really didn’t want to toss it.  After 20 or 30 minutes, the feeling finally started to go away… I have no idea what did it…

The flight to La Serena was SHORT!  We started our descent about half-way through the beverage service.   As we descended (but before we dropped below the clouds), I looked out my window and saw Cerro Tololo!  Once we landed, Kadur and I grabbed our bags and headed to the lobby.  Kadur introduced me to his wife and showed me where my ride would be picking me up and now I’m sitting here in the airport and I couldn’t be much happier! That’s it for now.