The Dark Knight was great, but I could have told you that before we watched it.  What I didn’t see coming was the big spider under the TV set.  We had the lights off and John noticed it by its shadow.  Yes, the spider was big enough that it cast a shadow.  It looked a lot like a Chilean Recluse, but John looked through some photos and decided it wasn’t.  That’s a really good thing because as John said, “the Chilean Recluse makes a Brown Recluse look friendly.”

Some strange episode of That 70’s Show was up next but it got weird enough that we decided to switch to South Park, which John, Sue and I are watching now.  I just drove up to the telescope to grab my laptop’s power cord and saw that it is still snowing.  From the top of the mountain I saw a couple cities in the distance, but not a single star.  At this point, we’re staying up purely for the sake of keeping our bodies on the astronomers’ sleep schedule so we sleep in enough tomorrow morning.