This translates to "Movie Night."

The humidity has been over 90% for the last 7 or 8 hours.  The last photo I posted was taken (as Dr. French correctly pointed out on facebook) just after taking biases and dome flats.  As Sue and I headed out I said, “Is that snow?”  That may end up on her list of things you don’t want to hear while observing!

SIDE NOTE: We just had another earthquake as I was typing… the windows in the cafeteria rattled and then I thought Sue was shaking her legs or something and moving the couch before realizing what was happening.  Sue says, “Why no, Derrick, I was not shaking the couch!”  So we’ve had 2 earthquakes in 4 days, which I think is pretty awesome.

I could swear I left a 4-m up there... and a 1.5-m, 1.3-m, 1-m, our .9-m...

Now where was I?  Oh, so when I left my room for dinner, I saw that the snow had kept on coming and was now sticking (!) so things weren’t looking promising.  The photo at the left is what I walked out of my room to see.  I should point out we can’t even see the domes at the top of the mountain, or even that there is a top of the mountain!

Since we couldn’t go up to the mountain, John and Sue talked with me after dinner about continuing research and grad school and all sorts of other fun stuff so I definitely have the gears going in my head right now. I’ve also gotten a couple of ideas for the IWU observatory, so I’ll have to bring those up with Dr. French when I get back to see what we can do!

Aren't we supposed to see mountains while we eat?

Tonight’s movie was Copying Beethoven, which none of us had heard of but our friend from Korea had with her.  I highly recommend seeing it.  Seriously, go find it and watch it because it was an awesome movie.  A phone call came near the end of the movie saying things were clear and we’d be notified when (or if) we could open.  Humidity is trilling between 92 and 93 percent, so clear skies are purely torture for us right now.  After that, we watched Espartaco: Sangre y Arena (Spartacus: Blood and Sand) for a while.  Things are looking doubtful with how constantly high the humidity is hovering, but we’ll be up for a while in hopes things take a turn for the better!