When I arrived at Cerro Pachón yesterday, I was dropped off at the hotel, where I put my things in the room and met up with Percy, Steven, and Eduardo. At 6:30, we headed up to the restaurant for dinner. It felt a bit unusual because at that time last July, Sue and I would already be starting observations for the night. We had lomo a lo pobre for dinner and mystery cake and “pink” made up our dessert. We didn’t know what flavors the desserts were, but I remember deciding to simply call the latter “pink” with Sue last July, too.

After dinner, we headed up for my first encounter with Gemini. I’ll start by saying everything about it is impressive. That being said, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

After everything got set up with the telescope, we settled in for a night in the control room. Percy had Steven show me the ropes for reducing spectra, so Steven and I worked on that until about 5:30 am, when we got too tired to think. When Percy and I left the building and saw that the sun was about to rise, we knew it was time to go to sleep. I wound up getting to bed at 7:30 am.