For the last week or so, we’ve been set on finding a way to watch the Super Bowl down here. The Bears-Packers game a couple weeks ago was challenging to watch (to say the least). To get through the game, we went through countless live streams online, searching for new sites each time one got shut down.

We wound up finding our solution in the Hotel Costa Real in downtown La Serena. There, the bartender switched the TV to ESPN Vivo for us and we started watching. It was a fancy hotel, so we weren’t allowed to turn up the volume, although as the game went on, the bartender gradually kept turning it up for us.

Our bartender/waiter watched portions of the game, but something told me he didn't know what was going on...

Disappointment set in when we realized we wouldn’t be seeing the legendary U.S. commercials. Instead, our football game was interrupted by fútbol commercials. We stayed in touch with friends back home via facebook (“Droid does”) and thanks to Dr. French, I already know of some commercials to go find on YouTube!

We did the best we could to set up Super Bowl snackage for ourselves: chicken nuggets and french fries… lots of them. I think we may have managed to eat the hotel’s entire inventory of french fries by the end of the game. That’s a Super Bowl success, right?

Tomorrow, Brett and I head up to Cerro Tololo for two nights of observing at the 1.0-m telescope. It’ll be my first time back to the Tololo summit since last July, so I’m excited to be going back!