On Thursday, we all gave our presentations in the morning to a group of 20-25 people. All the presentations went well, and the feeling afterward was a little bit like the start of summer at the end of a school year. We got a group together to grab lunch down at Mi Cafe and enjoyed the long-awaited feeling of not needing to get work done! After Ana left, we spent the afternoon being lazy at the house and I made enchiladas for those who remained.

Yesterday, Percy and his wife took me to a sushi restaurant for lunch. Back at the house, some of us were watching Machuca, which I had seen in one of my Spanish classes at IWU, when a bird flew into the house! We keep the back door open to get more air, but apparently we attracted some wildlife as well. Last night, the remaining students all had a end-of-program dinner together with Nicole and Roberto at Donde el Guatón.

Today, Cesar left before I woke up and Gustavo left shortly thereafter. Julia noticed that an animal had come in during the night and helped itself to some leftovers that didn’t make it into the fridge. We also noticed that a bowl that had had some uneaten food in it yesterday was empty… apparently we’re really becoming one with nature! I got some laundry done this morning and joined Percy and his wife at their house for a lunch of ceviche and some other impressive cuisine. Percy and I chatted some more before I headed back to casa 13. When I got back, Brett had moved out, so Julia and I were the only ones left in the house. Julia, Scott, Brett, Owen, and I had one last dinner at Porota’s tonight and came back to the house, where I started to cram all my things into the suitcase for my flight to Santiago tomorrow. There’s no way I’m within the weight limit for the luggage, so I’ll have to either pay up or jettison some of my things before tomorrow’s flight. We’ll see how that goes.

I said goodbye to Owen tonight and made key arrangements; he’ll be moving into my room tomorrow after I’m gone. For tonight, Julia and I are the only ones in the house. It’s too quiet.

My family will arrive tomorrow in Santiago, so the next week should be fun!