Hey, remember me?

If my math is correct, the last time I wrote an update here was five years and one week ago. Guess what? I’m going back to Chile! Or, voy a devolver a Chile, as I should probably be saying.

T-minus 14 days! This time, I’m taking off from Nashville! I’ll be meeting up with Dr. French in Atlanta, where we’ll begin our journey back to Cerro Tololo via Santiago! You know the name of the game: we’ll be researching Jovian Trojan asteroids, a.k.a. asteroids at the L4 and L5 Lagrangian points in Jupiter’s orbit around the sun, a.k.a. JoTros, according to Lacey, my coworker and abbreviator extraordinaire.

Keep up with this next phase of the Chilean adventure here! I’ll also be posting some videos this time around, and of course I’ll keep you posted!