From my first trip: me in front of the 4.0-m Blanco telescope. We’ll be using this beast for 5 nights this time around!

The observing run is almost here! My last visits to Cerro Tololo were as a physics major and hispanic studies minor. Since then, I’ve graduated, worked on a master’s in teaching, and found my way into the planetarium industry. In Chicago and Nashville, I’ve spent the last few years teaching people about the night sky and outer space, a passion ignited under the gorgeous, dark skies above Cerro Tololo.

And with the support of the science center, this trip serves as a teaching experience! I’m sharing classroom activities and updates with local students in Tennessee and Kentucky. Tomorrow I’ll visit six classes, with more to come in the few days that remain before the trip.

Something new and exciting for this trip: I’ll be gathering more video! I’ve been trying to improve my photo/video skills in anticipation for this adventure, so I can share even more of the excitement with everyone back up in the states. With any luck, you’ll get to know me, the observatory, and our research even better!