Dr. French and I made it to Chile, and we’re waiting to meet Bob at the Starbucks en el aeropuerto Arturo Merino Benitez. Astronomers love coffee almost as much as they love telescopes and clear skies.

Speaking of clear skies, after about 15 short spurts of sleep on the 9+ hour flight, check out the view I woke up to out the port window:


#nofilter Look closely – that dot in the sky is the planet Venus, sometimes called “the morning star,” named for the times it’s positioned like this and rises before the Sun. It was neat to see its elongation from the Sun so vertically – in Nashville, it’s at much more of an angle, so it wouldn’t have stood out so distinctly this morning. Those mountaintops along the horizon have me all sorts of excited for the days to come. And it’s a good thing they’re poking up above the clouds today, because when we landed, we saw little more than fog:


Hopefully this will be the last we see of these conditions. Bob just arrived, so it’s time to head to La Serena and game-plan for some observing!

Clear skies,